Demetra The Doll​

Demetra The Doll

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Demetra’s Story;

“I am creative and I put a lot of thought, blood, sweat and tears into my concepts. I consider myself an artist and a jack of many trades, I love doing makeup looks, modeling, fashion styling, I love to draw and paint, I sing and perform! I love to do this all.” 

“-Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of money so I can’t do these things as often as I could but if I were to choose, I would choose these things as a career. Like if I can do makeup on myself and post photos of my concepts for a living I would!”

“I love animals. I wish I could open an non kill shelter and a thrift store to donate to mental health advocacy groups. I am very body positive & love and respect my body.”

“…my journey to adulthood was rough for me, my father was abusive as a child and tried to touch me, I was also molested by a grown man when I was 7.”

Demetra is truly an inspiration to all. She’s never let anything stop her from moving forward in life. She’s touched us and we hope that her story touches you too. 💜